What is a Quebec Certified Genealogist ?


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A Quebec Certified Genealogist (gfa) is a genealogist who:

  1. is recognized by the Quebec Bureau for attestation of competence in genealogy;

  2. has successfully passed the examinations required by the Bureau;

  3. has submitted a major research paper reviewed by a jury;

  4. is a member of a genealogical society affiliated with the Quebec Federation of Genealogical Societies

  5. and has signed his/ her accession to the Code of Ethics.


Why choose a Certified Genealogist ?

  1. A certified genealogist knows that an error repeated a hundred times over does not become the truth.

  2. A certified genealogist avoids many pitfalls and finds the source document that establishes proof.

  3. A certified genealogist works around a problem and continues his/her investigation.

  4. A certified genealogist guarantees rigorous and accurate work.

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