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We help families in tracing, retaining and relaying their filial memory.

Professional Genealogical Research Services

Construction of a genealogical tree both ascending or descending 

Search of Vital Records and Notarial Records 

Transcript of ancient French scriptures (paleography)

Creation of a complete genealogical record

Creation of an exclusive family book 

Advice and assistance in genealogy

Daniel Jaros

 Quebec Certified Genealogist

Member of the GenSpotters Genealogy Blog

Coach and Trainer on Heredis genealogy application

Member of Montreal’s French-Canadian Genealogical Society

Searcher, author and publisher of numerous genealogies and family biographies

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Ici Radio-Canada Première

Program : La Sphère

 Science and technology

Faire sa généalogie en ligne, une bonne idée?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bel Âge magazine


by Marie-Josée Lacroix

S’approprier ses racines

November 2013

La Presse +


by Florence Tison

Déterrer ses racines

December 15, 2013

La Presse

Finances personnelles

by Florence Tison

À quel prix l'arbre généalogique?

December 18, 2013

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